Consultancy Project Summaries

Listed below is a summary of consultancy projects delivered by JP Consulting and its staff that highlight the significant depth and breadth of our experience in providing value to our clients. Selected presentations and publications are also included.

Program Manager, ICT Transition: Mater Children’s Hospital (MCH) to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH)

Program management of all the Information and ICT Transition requirements related to the closure of the MCH and the transfer of its public paediatric health services and staff to the new LCCH, which opened successfully in November 2014. [More...]

Advice to the CIO on Planning for Adoption and Implementation of Living Values (Studer) and ISO9001

Review UCH’s developing approach to implementing the Studer model and ISO9001 and provide advice on goals and strategies from an ICT perspective. [More...]

Advice and Assistance for the Recruitment of an ICT Manager

Review business strategy and operations plan, advise on optimal IT service management and sourcing model, and assist with recruitment of an ICT Manager. [More...]

Contracted Role: Locum Engagement of District Executive Director of Medical Services

Medical Practitioner on contract as a Locum in the role of District Executive Director of Medical Services. [More...]

Review of the National Endpoint Proxy Service (NEPS) and the National Health Service Directory (NHSD)

Provided expert advice to the National Health Chief Information Officer Forum (NHCIOF) on the current state solution design and build of the NEPS and NHSD. [More...]

The Patient Journey: Identifying the Gaps – Industry Perspective

Presentation given by Jeff Parker at the AMA eHealth Forum in Canberra on 7-8 December 2005. [More...]

Information Strategy 2011-2016: Creating Business Value through Strategic Investment in ICT-Enabled Change

Development of a five-year Information Strategy for UnitingCare Health (UCH) that provided a plan for investment in ICT and related capability in support of the successful delivery of its corporate Business Plan. [More...]
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