Our Services

JP Consulting provides the following ICT and business services, and where suitable through the Panels and Supply Arrangements listed below:

Key Competencies

  • Strategy, policy development and governance
  • Benefits-driven business cases
  • Portfolio design and management
  • Program/project management
  • Design and architecture
  • Development and implementation
  • Change and adoption
  • Operationalisation to business-as-usual
  • Benefits realisation and quality assurance

Special Capabilities

  • Health services integration enabled through connected digital services and process improvement, i.e. interoperability of services and systems is our forte
  • Navigating inter-organisational complexity and creating shared visions, goals, plans and programs
  • Taking ideas all the way through to implementation and achieving benefits

Expert Skills

Our consultants are expert and experienced in providing the following services (based on SFIA ICT Service sub-categories) for both eHealth and other client requirements:

  • IT Governance (GOVN)
  • Information Management (IRMG)
  • Information Systems Co-ordination (ISCO)
  • Information Security (SCTY)
  • Information Assurance (INAS)
  • Consultancy (CNSL)
  • Technical Specialism (TECH)
  • Research (RSCH)
  • Innovation (INOV)
  • Business Process Improvement (BPRE)
  • Enterprise & Business Architecture Development (STPL)
  • Business Risk Management (BURM)
  • Sustainability Strategy (SUST)
  • Continuity Management (COPL)
  • Network Planning (NTPL)
  • Solution Architecture (ARCH)
  • Data Management (DATM)
  • Methods and Tools (METL)
  • Portfolio Management (POMG)
  • Programme Management (PGMG)
  • Project Management (PRMG)
  • Business Analysis (BUAN)
  • Requirements Definition and Management (REQM)
  • Business Process Testing (BPTS)
  • Change Implementation Planning & Management (CIPM)
  • Organisation Design and Implementation (ORDI)
  • Benefits Management (BENM)
  • Business Modelling (BSMO)
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management (RLMT)
  • Resourcing (RESC)
  • Learning and Development Management (ETMG)
  • Systems Development Management (DLMG)
  • Systems Design (DESN)
  • Network Design (NTDS)
  • User Experience Analysis (UNAN)
  • Systems Integration (SINT)
  • IT Management (ITMG)
  • Service Level Management (SLMO)
  • Network Support (NTAS)
  • Problem Management (PBMG)
  • Procurement (PROC)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SURE)
  • Contract Management (ITCM)
  • Quality Management (QUMG)
  • Quality Assurance (QUAS)
  • Technology Audit (TAUD)
  • Marketing (MKTG)
  • Selling (SALE)
  • Account Management (ACMG)


Panels and Supply Arrangements

Australian Government Digital Marketplace, available for use by all local, state and federal government buyers. JPC Seller Catalogue entry, approved for these Categories:

  • Strategy and Policy
  • Agile Delivery and Governance
  • Change and Transformation
  • ICT Systems Integration Services

Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DIRD) - Standing Offer Panel Arrangement for Provision of IT Services (Agreement number 20000551-170, Austender reference SON3403954), for:

  • Business & Systems Analysis
  • Enterprise, Information & Application Architects
  • ICT Security
  • Project Management
  • ICT Strategic Planning & Advice

Queensland Government ICT Services Panel (Deed of Agreement ICTSS.13.03), for:

  • Strategy and Architecture (Information strategy, Advice and guidance, Business strategy and planning, Technical strategy and planning)
  • Business Change (Business change implementation, Business change management, Relationship management, Skills management)

Brisbane South Primary Health Network (BSPHN) Consultancy Panel for Digital Health

Department of Corporate and Digital Development (DCDD, NT Government) Panel Contract for ICT Specialist Services (Contract No: D19-0147) for the following:

  • ICT Business Solutions
  • ICT Consulting Services
  • ICT Specialist Resources - Programs and Projects

Department of Corporate and Digital Development (DCDD, NT Government) Panel Contract for Enterprise Architecture (Contract No: D16-0064) for the following specialisations:

  • Enterprise Architect, Business Architect, Information Architect, Application Architect, Technology Architect, Security Architect
  • Integration Specialist Architect
  • Architecture Support Analysts
  • Data Architect, Data Analysts
  • Business Process re-engineers

Department of Health - Corporate Services Bureau (NT Health) Panel Contract for ICT Project Services (Contract No: D17-0124) for the following specialisations:

  • Consultants (Provide strategic ICT advisory services; Develop strategies, plans and architectures; Review, evaluate, document and provide strategic direction and advice on systems and business processes)
  • Systems Design (Analyse and evaluate business requirements including development of business cases, business process mapping and business process re-engineering and test strategies; Design and develop solutions including the delivery of functional and technical specifications)

Government Information Technology & Contracting Framework (GITC Agreement Q-2646):

  • Module 8 - ICT Contracting
  • Module 9 - ICT Consulting

QAssure Number: 10889

NSW Government Performance and Management Services Scheme (PMSS) Scheme ID SCM0005, and ICT Services Scheme ID SCM0020 (Advanced)

Queensland Government Resource Manager Service (RMS)

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