JP Consulting provides the following ICT and business services, and where suitable through these Panels and Supply Arrangements:

Our consultants are expert and experienced in providing the following services (based on SFIA V5 ICT Service sub-categories) for both eHealth and other client requirements:

  • IT Governance (GOVN)
  • Information Management (IRMG)
  • Information Systems Co-ordination (ISCO)
  • Information Security (SCTY)
  • Information Assurance (INAS)
  • Consultancy (CNSL)
  • Technical Specialism (TECH)
  • Research (RSCH)
  • Innovation (INOV)
  • Business Process Improvement (BPRE)
  • Enterprise & Business Architecture Development (STPL)
  • Business Risk Management (BURM)
  • Sustainability Strategy (SUST)
  • Continuity Management (COPL)
  • Network Planning (NTPL)
  • Solution Architecture (ARCH)
  • Data Management (DATM)
  • Methods and Tools (METL)
  • Portfolio Management (POMG)
  • Programme Management (PGMG)
  • Project Management (PRMG)
  • Business Analysis (BUAN)
  • Requirements Definition and Management (REQM)
  • Business Process Testing (BPTS)
  • Change Implementation Planning & Management (CIPM)
  • Organisation Design and Implementation (ORDI)
  • Benefits Management (BENM)
  • Business Modelling (BSMO)
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management (RLMT)
  • Resourcing (RESC)
  • Learning and Development Management (ETMG)
  • Systems Development Management (DLMG)
  • Systems Design (DESN)
  • Network Design (NTDS)
  • User Experience Analysis (UNAN)
  • Systems Integration (SINT)
  • IT Management (ITMG)
  • Service Level Management (SLMO)
  • Network Support (NTAS)
  • Problem Management (PBMG)
  • Procurement (PROC)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SURE)
  • Contract Management (ITCM)
  • Quality Management (QUMG)
  • Quality Assurance (QUAS)
  • Technology Audit (TAUD)
  • Marketing (MKTG)
  • Selling (SALE)
  • Account Management (ACMG)

Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DIRD) - Standing Offer Panel Arrangement for Provision of IT Services (Agreement number 20000551-170, Austender reference SON3403954), for:

  • Business & Systems Analysis
  • Enterprise, Information & Application Architects
  • ICT Security
  • Project Management
  • ICT Strategic Planning & Advice

Note that any Australian Government Department or Agency and any State or Territory Government may procure these services from JP Consulting through the above Panel Arrangement. To-date, the following organisations have signed a Notice of Inclusion under the Deed:

  • Department of Defence (DoD)
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C)
  • The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)
  • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS)

Queensland Government ICT Services Panel (Deed of Agreement ICTSS.13.03), for (based on SFIA sub-categories):

  • Strategy and Architecture (Information strategy, Advice and guidance, Business strategy and planning, Technical strategy and planning)
  • Business Change (Business change implementation, Business change management, Relationship management, Skills management)

Department of Health - Top End Health Services (NT Health) Panel Contract for Enterprise Architecture (Contract No: D16-0064) for the following specialisations:

  • Enterprise Architect, Business Architect, Information Architect, Application Architect, Technology Architect, Security Architect
  • Integration Specialist Architect
  • Architecture Support Analysts
  • Data Architect, Data Analysts
  • Business Process re-engineers

Department of Health - Corporate Services Bureau (NT Health) Panel Contract for ICT Project Services (Contract No: D17-0124) for the following specialisations:

  • Consultants (Provide strategic ICT advisory services; Develop strategies, plans and architectures; Review, evaluate, document and provide strategic direction and advice on systems and business processes)
  • Systems Design (Analyse and evaluate business requirements including development of business cases, business process mapping and business process re-engineering and test strategies; Design and develop solutions including the delivery of functional and technical specifications)

Government Information Technology & Contracting Framework (GITC Agreement Q-2646):

  • Module 8 - ICT Contracting
  • Module 9 - ICT Consulting

NSW Government Performance and Management Services Scheme (PMSS) Scheme ID SCM0005

​Queensland Government Resource Manager Service (RMS)

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